Jazz à la Nouvelle-Orléans et Cinéma à Paulinia
Jeudi 17 janvier 2013 13:30-16:30 -Angers espace culturel de l’université

Eric Porter and Lewis Watts

Photographer Lewis Watts and historian Eric Porter will present from their forthcoming book New Orleans Suite. Using both visual evidence and the
written word, their book maps recent and often contradictory social phenomena in New Orleans pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina. For this talk, they will show photographs and speak about the city’s rich Afro-diasporic culture and the ways it has been deployed to help people survive Katrina and the events that followed. We will address some of the ways that the impact of the storm and subsequent cultural activism should be understood in a neoliberal political and social context.

Le Photographe Lewis Watts et l’historien Eric Porter nous exposerons, à travers une présentation de leur livre à paraître, les phénomènes sociaux actuels et parfois contradictoires à la Nouvelle-Orléans avant et après le passage de Katrina.

Julio Moraes
Cinéma à Paulinia

Can artistic production foster the flourishing of cultural values and add them to cultural capital ? This paper analyzes the case of the small-sized Brazilian city Paulínia where in few years the local government managed to build an entire cultural cluster for cinema production, from its inception in 2006 to being co-producer of the film with highest box-office ever in Brazil, in 2009. Despite sound achievements of the “Pólo Cinematográfico de Paulínia” in terms of cultural impact and nationwide reputation, a pressing question is whether its success is reflected in daily life of its citizens and in the local economy. The question is relevant since the local government is the Pólo’s major direct financier. To answer this question we analyzed reports and surveyed local citizens to account for the local cultural, social, and economic contributions of the cluster.

Peut-on créer de toute pièce un cluster culturel ? Julio Moraes analyse le cas du cluster cinématographique de Paulinia au Brésil.

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